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Blue Star Program

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blue star flagThe Blue Star and Gold Star programs were instituted by the City Council to honor Whittier residents who have family members currently serving in the military.

The Blue Star Program originated during World War I, with families displaying a flag in the front window of their homes to indicate that a child was serving in the military. The program continues today to honor those serving in the armed forces. City residents with immediate family members serving may complete an application to receive a Blue Star Service kit including Blue Star Service Flag, lapel pin and window decal from the City for each immediate family member currently serving in the military. In addition, a banner bearing the name of the family member in the military is hung on Whittier Boulevard for the duration of their term of service.

Information on the service men and women is on the City's website to allow all members of the community to recognize those who are serving in the armed forces. This information is also placed on display in the City Hall lobby for one week leading up to the 4th of July holiday.

For more information on the Blue Star and Gold Star programs, you may contact the Community Services Division at (562) 567-9460.

Blue Star Recipients

By Surname

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  • Andrade, Rudolph, Marines
  • Butler, William "Jake", Army
  • Canales, Robert , Army
  • Cole, Tabious Tyree , Army
  • Davis, Eric , Air Force
  • Davis, PJ , Air Force
  • Esquivel, Fredy A. , Marines
  • Eyles, Chris , Navy
  • Gonzales, Christopher S. , Marines
  • Gonzalez, Marcus J. , Marines
  • Jimenez, Robert , Army
  • Licon, Anthony P. , Marines
  • Limon, Daniel Samuel , Army
  • Murrieta, Jason P. , Marines
  • Quinn,J.D. , Marines
  • Sarni, Angelo R. , Marines
  • Schaefer, Chris , Army Reserves
  • Torres, Mark A. , Air Force